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At the heart of Bobby White is highly-skilled craftsmanship that goes into every piece of his jewellery but what is jewellery if it’s not paired with highly-desirable designs. This is what makes Bobby stands out among leading British jewellery designers as being one of the few who combines craftsmanship together with a flair and passion for design to create dramatic and technically complex fine jewellery.

Most designers are just that, great designers when it comes to drawings, concepts and inspirations however there comes a point where they have to collaborate with a craftsman to bring their ideas alive. Vice versa with a craftsman who takes their hand to design, being an outstanding craftsman doesn’t automatically mean you have the creative flow to produce breath-taking design.

Bobby White is different, he was gifted at both from an early stage in his career, and this combination grow his reputation to high levels. He was soon being approached by a roster of international stars to design and make pieces, including Prince, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Rihanna, showing Bobby’s youthful and fresh approach to design. It was not only the musical elite that was paying attention in his designs, Bobby has won many industry and fashion awards, including UK Young Jewellery Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Annual Awards. As an institute that values technical prowess as much as design creativity.

Bobby’s style is to design jewellery that are truly unique statement pieces that have real attitude. “They shouldn’t shy away from making a real impact”, Bobby explains. “Fine jewellery should be about style, glamour and individuality, the piece should shine above anything else, a glorious flurry of diamonds and gold.”

Bobby’s states that his inspiration comes from everywhere, from music, stories, history or life. “My ‘Future King’ pieces are inspired by the kings and knights of mediaeval England. My ‘Boom’ Grenade and ‘Gas Mask’ necklaces from the London street artist scene. Sometimes, its feelings that inspire me, my Motion rings are designed on feelings of power, mystery and surprise.”

In 2010 the Motion ring was included into the Goldsmiths Vault, where it will remain for the next 900 years. Only a handful of designers have the honour of being included into the historic catalogue of quality that has been produced by London master craftsmen.

Today Bobby has hone his skills, to the point where he will frequently create a piece from the metal at his workshop bench, without a single design drawing.


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