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Bobby White is an award-winning jewellery designer and master craftsman. Back in 1999 Bobby started training under a diamond mounter for six years before becoming a master of fine jewellery making by hand

A Bobby White engagement ring is made in London, therefore when you visit, you visit our workshop, not a showroom or shop. The workshop is the heart of any true jewellery company. The workshop stands for craftsmanship and creativity.

In today’s world, there’re more jewellers than ever before however the English jewellery workshop is in decline. Many of these jewellers talk about bespoke, handmade rings and skilled craftsman, however you never see past the salesman. 

The truth, many jewellery companies do not own a workshop, do not have the knowledge or skills to create an engagement ring by hand. They rely on poorly pre-made ring castings from abroad which never fit your diamond perfectly. Just like an off the peg suit will never fit like a bespoke suit made to your body. The diamond and the ring mount have the same relationship.

At Bobby White we make engagement rings with real craftsman in a real London workshop. Make an appointment with us. You will visit our workshop at the Goldsmiths Centre. You will talk about your engagement ring design with a master jeweller not a salesman. We will discuss your price range and diamond options. Then receive a no obligation, complimentary bespoke engagement ring design and quotation.